Family House Renovation, East Molesey

There are some property make-overs that can be thought of as a simple make-up job. In this case of this family home renovation project in East Molesey, Surrey, the structural integrity and layout of the house is sound, so the requirement is purely cosmetic and the objective is simply to refresh. If there is the opportunity to increase the size of the home through extending then it gets a little more complicated, but generally it requires a much tighter budget on time and resource.


The antithesis to the simple cosmetic job is the complete overhaul. This kind of project has a particular kind of smell – a heady mix of must, dust and tired old living. As long as the structure is sound and there are no underlying issues that can’t be sorted, this smell conjures up all sorts of exciting home development opportunities! Apart from the way the house looks at this point this smell is almost certainly a sign that, if you are at all interested in the house, you will be in for new plumbing, electrics, full re-plaster and reappointing of everything apart from the foundations, walls and floors (if you are lucky.) Don’t go stripping out anything though before you have conducted a full survey on the property, as you don’t want to be undertaking any unnecessary activities, or reworking anything that is in fact sound.


This is what we found with Seymour Road and the many family homes we have remodelled and made-over before and since.


Built in the 1930’s, in the mock-Tudor vernacular, Seymour Road involved an extensive remodel of the internals and a side extension to bring it up to date.

‘We wanted to create a light, airy home that would set the scene for easy family living and would provide a perfect space for the entertaining of family and friends, and that is exactly what we achieved.’


Clive Boulanger


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