We are simply delighted to welcome spirited Woodlands Landscape Artist, Cat Croxford to the Artists Appreciation Initiative.

Cat’s artworks, like herself, have a vivacity to them, a sparkle, a ‘joie de vivre’ that invites you in to play, and then when you have entered the space become enveloped in a reassuring warmth of certainty.

Cat was born into an artistic family, and somehow that seems obvious when you look at one of her works. You would simply have to have a paint brush or a felt tip in hand from an early age, to be that deft at mark making, to be so comfortable with scale and proportion, and to have the ability to set a scene and begin a story for the viewer to engage with so immediately. It’s almost like the translation of scene is the natural extension of self for Cat. Her woodscapes are joyful places to escape into – quiet sanctuaries that invite safe and carefree passage. Once you enter one of her woodland scenes, feel the warm embrace of an ancient English Wood, and feel time stand still.