We have an affinity for working with the historic character properties that London has to offer up. We are particularly well versed in working with Victorian, Georgian and the Tudor architectural vernaculars. We work hard to retain the character of these properties whilst bringing them up to date, so that the final presentation is always a modern, elegant home in keeping with its original character. We can cover all your Architectural, Interior Design and Project Management needs from beginning to end — we help you transform your property from the inside out.

Bring luxury interior design into your home when you employ the services of Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design.

Your Luxury Interior Designer and Architect

Whether you are looking to take on the renovation of an existing character home, or a complete new build, we have the expertise to see your London project through from beginning to end. No Interior Design project is the same, but we have the expertise and the contacts to navigate the process smoothly for you. With us the journey is enjoyable from beginning to end, and across all touch points. We can be your only necessary point of contact; navigating everything smoothly for you should you wish to keep things simple. Alternatively, if you are looking for an Interior Designer to slot into an established project team, we will make ourselves invaluable to all players from the get go.

We strive towards five outcomes as we help you realize your dream for your London home:

  • Establish Grace: In working authentically with the character of the home and your unique design sensibilities, we seek to transform your home creating a sense of grace, tranquility and harmony.
  • Create a Sense of Flow: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating a sense of connectedness between spaces is essential in order to establish harmony. These relationships should be interesting.
  • Maximize Real Estate Value: It is not just about creating pretty spaces for us. Our approach is always to make the most of a valuable asset with a long term view and we have been doing it long enough to get it right.
  • Make It Fit for Purpose: We make it our job to understand our clients’ personal lifestyle requirements before we start designing, ensuring all spaces work hard to support our clients’ lifestyle needs.
  • Create the Perfect Canvas: To make spaces work optimally we suggest structural changes to be addressed at the onset. Long term, this means you have the perfect canvass to take purely decorative changes, should you wish, over the years.

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