When I met Bron Jones recently, I was struck by two things; her effusive warmth and her love of the environment.   An environmental scientist and a teacher, Bron has always managed to combine her love of art and nature through her

    Kasia Clarke’s abstracted landscapes are soulful escapes for the mind and eye that I can’t ever imagine tiring of. Living and working near Reigate, Kasia started her creative career in glass art, but now spends all her time painting. She

Proudly presenting Olivier Leger who creates ecological dream scapes in pen and ink for us to be wondrously ‘lost’ in:   ‘I am an East Midlands based artist and my focus is to create drawings of the natural world. I graduated

Einstein knew the fundamental importance of creativity, and it’s refreshing and reassuring to remind ourselves of this truth when creativity is often the first thing to be slashed from the ‘frame’. It is not always valued by society, so what propels