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With a combined total of 35 years experience designing kitchens and cabinetry, we’ve learned that optimum results can only be achieved when the three essential aspects of the project – Design Mastery, Project Management Expertise and Craftmanship Fit Capability are married together by a skilled practitioner. 

To guarantee the quality of your Kitchen meets the high standards you demand, we’ve developed a 360 degree kitchen service with superior design, project management and craftsmanship expertise at its core. This comprehensive service enables us to manage every stage from design to supply and installation – giving you a stress-free journey to the idyllic kitchen you’re visualising. 

Design Vision: We don’t just design the kitchen we work with the whole space. We see the big picture. Once the vision for your kitchen has been created, we’ll produce high quality renders and comprehensive floorplans to enable you to confidently visualise the end result.

Project Management: We have the experience to ‘see’ problems before they arise, and where they are out of our control we have the experience to deal with them with the minimum of fuss.

Specification: We know this business inside out, and have all the best kitchen suppliers on our books. We are suppliers for most of the premium brands, such as Miele, Quooker and Wine and Barrel, to name but a few. We also, know where to turn to in order to get those special finishing touches appointed, either bespoke or off the shelf.

Craftmanship: This is what truly makes a superior finish. It’s the knowhow of a designer to deliver a bespoke kitchen that is perfectly formed and perfectly fitted. The devil is in the detail and that’s what we love.

Attention to detail: At all stages and across all specifications.

Compelling Rates: We’re proud to offer a premium product at a compelling rate. We can do this because we don’t have the overheads that some of our competitors do. That said, we don’t cut corners. Each and every job is costed to ensure that we have factored in the necessary time that we will need to give every little detail the care and attention it deserves. You can see examples of our kitchen design and installation projects in our portfolio, and you’ll also discover examples of our bespoke carpentry as you browse our work.

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