If you are going to appoint an Interior Designer make sure you are working with someone who can see the big picture. A great Interior Designer is comfortable with conducting everything you see in a home to the perfect installation, find out how we can help with your interior design project in south west London or Surrey

Interior Design in South West London & Surrey

A real treasure trove of a discipline, there are so many inter-related threads to weave together to make a room really sing, and that’s what we love about Interior Design. If you are looking to create a timeless space with elegance and balance, then appreciate that all elements and the spaces around them are just as important as each other. So, there is a lot to take into account if you want to get it right.

So what are the various elements of Interior Design?

Here’s our list, by no means definitive, but will help to give you a picture of what’s involved:

Structural Planning

This is the first thing we look at to make sure that the flow of the house is correct. There is usually a level of re-modelling involved to optimise what the house has to offer. With this done you are all set to achieve your objectives.

Furniture Layouts, Specification, Supply and Fit

With a perfect house plan we can set out the furniture to serve your every need. It is at this stage too that we determine the level of bespoke vs found furniture pieces. Furniture pieces may be a mix of contemporary, bespoke and antique – depending entirely on the look you are hoping to achieve. We have long term working relationships with established fine furniture makers and upholsterers and an ever growing resource of furniture suppliers.

Lighting Design, Specification and Supply

Once points 1 and 2 have been achieved then we can look at lighting design seriously. Every room in the house requires different levels of lighting, e.g. the kitchen and the study will require different levels of task lighting, whereas in the sitting room and bedroom you will be looking for different levels of mood lighting. Add to this the sea of lighting products out there; this is a specialist area all on it’s own.


This involves flooring, wall coverings and paint specifications throughout. What’s more its navigating the sheer plethora of choice out there to get to the point of specification. Take floor finishes for example, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, wooden flooring, and if so what sort? Wall to wall carpet or found or bespoke rugs? Some fitting jobs are more specialist than others. Wallpaper coverings are one of our favourite considerations for this point.

Architectural Details Specification and Fit

This is where we look to specify the right cornice, architrave, skirting and door details. This specification is immensely important to get right for any project. Proportion, scale and style of genre are all critical here.

Architectural Ironmongery

This is easy to overlook because it comes right at the end of the project, and when all the door knobs, latches, hinges, etc, etc are added up it can be a significant budget requirement. Determine the finish at the front end so that you can be sure to carry it through.


Everything about it – the shape, the finishes, the building regulations sign off. There is little point investing in Fine Art for your Entrance Hall if your staircase lacks imagination or grace.

An Interior without great art will never be complete and that is why we started the Artists Appreciation Initiative.

This little room requires the greatest level of specialist knowledge. Look to our Bathroom section to understand more about our approach.

Cabinetry, appliances, taps, sinks, lighting, work surfaces and much more. Head to our Bespoke Kitchen section for a detailed explanation on our approach and offering.

This is critical for any Interiors scheme. This is the furniture that we design, make and fit to support our clients lifestyle needs. Often it is built into the fabric of the house, but it all rather depends on what the room offers up and also what our clients objectives for the room are. Head to our bespoke section for more detail on this point if you are interested.