BESPOKE DESIGN, Lighting, Furniture & CaBinentry

Every project that we have ever worked on has a level of bespoke furniture, cabinetry or lighting involved. When it comes to furniture, and lighting this is always a mix of found and bespoke. Our window dressings, however, are always bespoke.

Bespoke Lighting:

This is not something we are often required to do, but occasionally it becomes necessary to bring a scheme together, and it is our great pleasure. To the left, for instance, is a specialist light fitting that we have deigned for manufacture and full electrical certification. The metal work was especially finished by a special effects artist to compliment the Porto Romano light fittings we have specified to other areas of the room. Having it bespoke made also meant that we could have it made to the perfect scale. We simply couldn’t find a light fitting that was 1.5 m in span that would work!

Bespoke Furniture Design:

This is more frequently required and can take many shapes and forms. In fact, there isn’t a piece of furniture in the house that we haven’t designed, specified and had manufactured by our very able suppliers. The drawing to the right shows our design of a sunken seating area, comprising of three sofas, two chairs, four side tables and a central coffee table all expertly made by our fabulous furniture makers.

Bespoke Cabinetry:

Applicable to every room in the house, this requires immaculate attention to detail in the design, specification and fit. There are so many different styles of cabinetry, finishes and details. We have created a detailed document outlining them all. The purpose of creating this was to help our clients in the decision making process because that’s one of the tricky parts of all of this - deciding which style suits you and your home best. Drop us a line if you would like to receive a copy. The image to the left shows a bespoke bed design and bedside tables designed for production.

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