Dining Table setting in Chelsea pied-a-terre family apartment
Chelsea Pied-a-Terre remodelled in a soft Art Deco vernacular
Chelsea Pied-a-Terre remodelled in a soft Art Deco vernacular

A look at how we add value through the practice of Architectural Interior Design

Through this article we look at the practice of Architectural Interior Design and how we apply it to our projects. Does it add value? We think so, but we invite you to make up your own mind. Of course, if you have any thoughts or insights on this topic we would also love to hear from you.


Our start point is that establishing architectural integrity is always the first step for any Interior Design realisation. Sometimes this can be simply achieved and other times, a more radical approach is required. With this in mind, and if you are buying a property that requires work, consulting someone to map out the Architectural integrity of the home could be a useful and valuable first step. First, a little insight into how we go about establishing architectural integrity if it isn’t evident from the onset.

Stripping this Chelsea Pied-a-terre back before we worked in the appropriate decorative elements to give it the character it has today.


Always when visiting a property for the first time, my initial obsession will be to understand the character of the building. This is how the architect originally intended it to be. The first and most obvious indication of this will be the year that it was built in, who it was designed by and who it was built by. With this information to hand and by looking at the property we are able to establish if the ‘bones’ of the property are good. Once I have this clear in my mind it’s easy to see any later developments that might be acting as ‘obstructions’ to the optimal functioning and character of the home. So that’s the first thing; through establishing architectural integrity we are able to create a home with a layout that works optimally for its inhabitants by being true to itself. It also starts to allow the true character of the property to shine through, creating a home that is at ease with itself and comfortable in its own skin. With this ground work done all future efforts to decorate the home can be fully and most optimally realised. Decorating a home before this ground work is done is, to my mind, misplaced.  A case of spending good money after bad.


The second point to ponder and hold in your mind is this; with the canvas of the home beautiful evoked in the first stage, all additional functional and character elements must respects the inherent character of the property. The way to do this is to ensure that everything that is introduced to the home works to support the architectural integrity and character of the home. Some aspects, like cabinetry (if they are built in or if they perform a dividing function, for example, will further evolve the architectural aspect of the home), whereas elements like colour and artworks will help to create depth of character. Getting these introductions right will ensure the creation of a thing of beauty, I assure you.

As a result of these two steps, when it all comes together, you will, quite naturally, have created exquisite spaces from which to live your best life. Easy!


There is a lot more that could be said about all of this and the lengths that we go to in order to achieve architectural integrity sympathetically. The process that our projects go through is no doubt key. One of the many examples of this is the multiple site visits we undertake to ensure that the agreed design vision is correctly interpreted and to the highest standard.


If you have a project that might benefit from understanding more, please drop us a line. I would be happy to discuss your project requirements further with you.

Whilst this project was delivered in Chelsea, London, just a 5 minute walk from Sloan Square, we have the capability to deliver projects to throughout London, Surrey and beyond. We are currently delivering exciting projects in Esher, Hampton, East Molesey, Clapham, Oxshott and Teddington. We also have a track record of delivering projects to Barnes, Putney, Richmond-upon-Thames and Wimbledon.

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