Both fine art pieces seen in the images above have been produced by highly talented artists, Tess Chodan of Hunter and Collector and Cat Croxford. They are both members of the Artists Appreciation Initiative.


I have been thinking a lot about creativity recently, its value and relevance to us as a business and, actually, through the lens of being a mother of two young creatives. What has been occupying my thoughts is what’s the best advice I could give my kids? What could I teach them in their A-level and GCSE years that I didn’t know at that point as a creative person?


And this is what I have come up with so far; which I share here, hopefully, as a start to a meaningful conversation:

1. Don’t be overwhelmed by your ideas, love them rather, and make time to distill them so that you can sort them into the ones you have the energy to embellish – this will come naturally and with time so don’t sweat it too much.

2. Enjoy the fact that you have many ideas in your head at one time, but find a way of calming them, and know that that is not the same as taming them. Probably best not to tame your ideas. Yes, don’t tame them, but don’t offend with them either unless this is absolutely necessary to your final and upstanding cause.

3. The creative seed, or start point of your idea, is only the beginning of a journey which will grow in value as you nurture it with your time. This will become obvious to you in time, but being aware of it might be useful.

4. Be proud of the fact that you are a creative being. It is a powerful, most valuable force capable of bringing about great change through subtle shifts in conscious thought. This is a brilliant insight and should be obvious to society, but it is not always, so you need to appreciate it for yourself and applaud those around you who get it, just don’t expect any pats on the back. You can go about this one quietly.

5. Find meaning in what you are doing – this will propel you forward and it will also give you a relevant story for your audience. Stories are the bedrock of all culture, world wide, so you’d be a creative fool to ignore this life truth. Cracking this will come with time, too.

6. Most of all, find your creative leaning which brings you the most joy, and whatever walk of life you choose to explore with passion, don’t ever lose sight of the fact that you are, and always will be, a beautiful creative being!

7. Creative endeavour is seen as a pleasure, but has infinitely more value. It’s highest contribution is achieved through mastery of the subject. This is the long game and it is something I am still learning about, so I’ll tell you (if your still interested) when I get there. 

8. Go out into the world and do good with your brilliant mind and vitality. (I am envious of your time knowing what I know now!)


Lindi Reynolds & Co is a luxury Architectural Interior Design company. We focus on delivering bespoke interiors for our clients to the highest level. Based in Surrey, we work across Surrey and South Wast London primarily.

In 2019, we set up the Artists Appreciation Initiative; through which we have created a collective of artists that we are pleased and proud to present to our clients. An Interior without art is soulless, and therefore our work (which can sometimes span many years) is meaningless, without art on the walls. The image of the butterfly dome which fronts this article is from one of our artists, Tess Chodan of Hunter and Collector. This piece is called ‘Aurora Dreaming’. It is a masterpiece and really helps to lift the space. The image showing the dining room table with the beautiful forest scape to the left of it is from another one of our artists, Cat Croxford. This was a commission piece and we are absolutely thrilled with how it brings everything together in this space so beautifully.

Creativity is at the centre of what we do. Creativity drives our business. We are not daunted by new challenges or obstacles, because if the solution doesn’t exist already, or isn’t 100% fit for our purpose we create the solution and then find ways to make it. It is wonderful to be involved in a creative industry because it really does feeds our hearts and minds.

If you have a project in mind, I would be happy to discuss your plans and ambitions to see if we could help. Please call me directly on 07940572554