HAND EMBROIDERY ARTIST EXTRORINAIRE joins the artists appreciation initiative

Greenwich Rabit and Mouse – Runner up at the Bath Society of Artists

We are simply delighted to introduce our very first Hand Embroidery Artist, Susannah Weiland, to the Artists Appreciation Initiative. 

Susannah is something of a marvel because what she does, so finely, is rich in pedigree and is one of the key building blocks of Interior Design. As an Interior Designer some of the most exquisite fabrics we have the pleasure of working with are richly embroidered, with a wide variety of stitching patterns. Of course these are machine rendered now, where previously they would have been hand stitched. Susannah, has taken this ‘ancient’ craft to a new and elevated level in that she has the ability to use thread to tell the most delicate of stories in a way that no other medium can. With thread her creations come alive and sparkle with life. Unsurprisingly she is also an immensely talented draftswoman. Her deft application of embroidery thread brings her nature studies to life in a way that will melt your heart if you have the pleasure of viewing one of her studies in the flesh.

Talented with needle and thread, deft with a pencil and sharp behind the camera Susannah offers a treasure trove of inspiration. Judging by her long list of achievements we are not the only ones to feel this way. A round of applause for Susannah in achieving;  a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust award. She was also selected to exhibit at this years Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and she was chosen to exhibit at the Broderers’ Exhibition, ‘The Art of Embroidery’ at Fortnum and Mason with QUEST in an exhibition to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. More recently, she achieved runner up in the public choice award at the Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition; bravo!

Always looking to perfect her craft, Susannah is a frequent visitor of the Royal School of Needlework, which is located just up the road from us at Hampton Court Palace. During the summer she undertook two intensive hand embroidery modules; silk shading and goldwork as part of her Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery. It is just wonderful to see these talents so proudly and professionally taught, learnt and celebrated, because these are the things that make the art of Interior Design such a rich smorgasbord of elements to work with. As Interior Designers we have an immense appreciation for the fact that this art is alive and well.

Susannah sells her exquisite, one of a kind creations, but she is now also selling limited edition prints of her embroidered artworks and has just launched her first range of placemats, which you can buy directly from her at www.susannahweiland.co.uk. I’d really encourage you to take some time to visit Susannah’s new and improved website – it’s a feast for the eyes!