Awarded to Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design by build 2020 Real Estate and property Awards

Winning the Best Luxury Interior 2020 from the Build Real Estate and Property Awards was a wonderful accolade for our company to receive. 2020 was a very busy year for us with little time to reflect on the import of this award, and 2021 is no different, but I wanted to take some time to reflect on what this has and does mean for us. Primarily it is a wonderful recognition that we are doing what we set out to do; to be recognised as the Best Luxury Interior Design Agency in the South East England. We will continue to build on this in 2021 and beyond, seeking wider recognition as we do within the industry itself and the wider public. Awards like this matter because they give the team behind the award the recognition they deserve for their brilliant efforts and dedication. This award extends too to all our marvellous suppliers that help to deliver the perfect finish on all the projects we work on and in our efforts towards the attainment of Luxury Interior Design.

The day we heard the news that we had been awarded Best Luxury Interior Designer, South East England. Standing outside the Hampton Court Palace Gates, a stones throw from our studio, and enjoying the news for a while and capturing the moment.

the KEY ingredients of luxury interior design?

In this article I will set out the key ingredients of what goes into luxury interior design


This is how everything fits together. It’s how everything in the room relates to everything else and how the room relates to the rest of the house. There are many layers to this; floorpans, furniture layouts, bespoke cabinetry, electrics, lighting, window dressing, soft furnishings, art procurement and placing, and it goes on. This is the most important first step, and whatever style of interior it is that you are wanting to create, this is key. Your design is your roadmap to where you are headed and it will offer up the best clues of how to get there.

2. Specialist details

Great design is all about planning, but what really brings it to life are the specialist details within that planning. These are the details that make a piece of cabinetry unique, give it interest and set it apart. These details require effort, attention to detail and a high level of collaboration with our suppliers. A good example of this was the bar that we designed and produced at our award winning project Lakeside. Any bar is really a collection of cabinetry, sinks, fridges and storage, so how to set it apart from a kitchen? Well the answer lies in the use of specialist details.With this space we wrapped the bar in burnished bronze. For that to work effectively we had to draw up to the millimetre the shape and form of the sheet metal and then think about how it would be affixed to the cabinetry. The detailing of the fixings is important because this creates in the end the final aesthetic.

Award winning home bar with a specialist detailing of burnished bronze cladding.


Your choice of materials and how they relate to one another is key for the creation of luxury. They need to create a story of great interest when they come together. They should make the eye dance and the heart glad. Together they must create chemistry. You do this by considering the balance of colour contrasts, texture and pattern and proportion and scale of all elements in a room. Think about the balance of hard and soft and the role of light on a scheme to make the most of the luxurious materials you have appointed.

4. Scale and proportion create grace

The sizing of elements within a scheme are critical. Make sure there’s space around bespoke cabinetry for instance – don’t bring it right up to the architrave. This will allow the scheme to breath, setting its inhabitants at ease. The same is true for furniture layouts – be careful not to oversize furniture in a room and think about how you will move around it and use the space. This is all common sense, but without some consideration to the scale of things it’s easy to get wrong.

5. Quality of the installation

In many ways quality of installation is the most important part of creating luxury interior design. Unless the fit is the best it can be all your efforts beforehand will be meaningless. We work with he best fitters in the trade and are always looking to broaden our network of highly talented fitters and artisans. This really matters to us and we go to great efforts to find and work with the most talented fitters across all interior touchpoint; kitchen and cabinetry fitting, tiling, flooring installations, staircase design, window dressing, bespoke furniture production and more.


And this is the holy grail. Achieved through the balance of everything and how it all comes together, but importantly this is the introduction of Fine Art pieces and Object d’Art. This is the layer of luxury that creates a scheme of outstanding beauty. This is what will help to create an interior that is memorable, has real character and creates a space of real interest. This is why we set up the Artists Appreciation Initiative, because an interior without fine art is like a person without a soul. Through our Artists Appreciation Initiative we showcase a selection of fine artists whose work we admire and would be pleased to see hanging in our projects – some of which take years to complete. Some times our clients come to us with an established art collection and so then we work the other way around, making sure that the schemes we create will set off the artworks to their greatest effect.

As you can see, winning this ward is much wider than what goes on in the studio back at 12 Seymour Road, East Molesey. It is the coming together of the collective efforts of our designers, architects, surveyors, suppliers, fitters and artists. A heart felt thank you to all that have made it possible and here’s to many more awards celebrating the creation of the worlds finest architectural interior design schemes.

Best Luxury Interior 2020, South East England