Semi-abstract natural world artist Natalie Day, Cornish bred and inspired

Natalie Day artist

Showcasing the best of british art for luxury interior design

It is our joy and pleasure to welcome Natalie to the Artists Appreciation Initiative. Through the Artists Appreciation Initiative it is our aim to showcase the best of British Art knowing that the work of the artists we feature offer the perfect finishing touches to the luxurious interiors that we work on and bring to life for our clients. Natalie’s semi abstract, natural world inspired canvasses are just this – inspired finishing touches that offer depth, interest, character and beauty. Here we share with you some insights into what has influenced and inspired this wonderfully talented artist.


Brought up in North Cornwall Natalie has a real affinity for her native countryside. This accord has recently led her to devote her creative explorations to the expression of the northern Cornwall moors, cliffs and seascapes. With this commitment she invests in the study of atmospheric and surface contrasts between the spaces; the result of which is an enigmatic collection of devotional artworks. Natalie’s large scale canvasses and smaller scale artworks alike, are intuitively led, drawing on memory, place and experience. Intuition is always her starting point and it’s interesting because as a result I find they have an almost spiritual quality, which draws you in and engages on a very personal level. I encourage you to stop and stare, escape into her landscapes for a time if you will, and allow your mind to float and your heart to feel. Interesting isn’t it?

'Visibility, good' by Natalie Day


The connection to nature is very important to Natalie, and the elemental nature of her subject matter is palpable. I think this is only truly possible to achieve with a deep sense of love and respect for a place. On this theme, Natalie has started collecting earth samples from the subject areas and grinding them down to make paint pigment for her artworks. This is an extremely exciting and ground breaking new direction; literally infusing the painting with the land it represents! 

'Wilderness' by Natalie Day
‘Wilderness’ by Natalie Day

a more recent area of exploration for natalie

Most recently Natalie has decided to expand her subject areas to include the Ridgeway, an ancient roadway that spans Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and will be basing a series of work on the barrows and monuments. She will be working on the projects in tandem with an overall vision of building on the spirit of the ancient lands. This is a truly exciting avenue. Bravo Natalie! We look forward to seeing the fruits of your explorations of this well loved corner of the British Isles.

'Backing Southerly' by Natalie Day
‘Backing Southerly’ by Natalie Day


We are simply thrilled to have Natalie join our artists community, the Artist Appreciation Initiative. We set the Artists Appreciation Initiative up in 2020 because we recognise that great interior design is only ever completed when the artworks are positioned and hung. Through the Artists Appreciation Initiative we hand pick artists, whose work we would be pleased and proud to put forward to our clients, and see placed in our projects. Our projects can sometimes take years to complete, and all the elements of a scheme are important, but it is the artworks, placed at the end of the process, that brings life and character to a space. The artworks complete the space and give it rest; it is the ultimate luxury that brings luxury interior design to life.