South African born stanford’s canvasses are inspired by nature

We are thrilled to present Donovan Stanford. Having grown up on the rugged beaches of South Africa, his large scale canvasses echo these magnificent wide open spaces, conveying exquisitely the essence of them. He has the ability to convey through abstract multi media canvasses, the elemental forces of nature. His body of work produced in South Africa, is primarily inspired by the Atlantic Ocean; a formidable, untamed force which he masterfully conveys through the use of mixed media on canvass – impasto, acrylic, sea sand, enamel, and whatever else he’s drawn to in order to convey the scenes emotively and essentially.  Sense the wild crash of the waves and feel the rush of the wind on your face, the grit of the soft sand beneath your feet and the ice cold linger of the Atlantic breeze on your skin as you soak up one of his abstract African landscapes.

After the Fire
‘After the Fire’ by Donovan Stanford

what the artist has to say about his work

Stanford says of his work, “Rather than just paint a seascape in order to achieve the end-goal of it being a seascape, I have always been drawn to paint instead the individual elements that make up that painting: the sound of the wind on the waves, the bubbles left on the surface after a wave rolls through, the spray off the back of the wave, those kinds of things. I would much rather you heard the scene than reaching a conclusion about what it was just by looking at it.”

‘Constant Companion’ by Donovan Stanford

NOW LIVING IN THE UK stanford seeks new inspirations

Stanford moved to the United Kingdom in 2017 and lives in the Kent countryside with his wife and daughters. True artists are windows on the world we live in, showing us a visual representation of their experience of that world in its true form. Since his move to the UK Stanfords work shows a gargantuan shift as he now occupies himself with portraying the English countryside; tamer and more gentle, reflecting the softer light of our latitudes towards the North pole, and the seasons which are more extreme. Born in Africa myself, I am interested to see how successful his translation of artistic representation has been – it’s not a simple thing, because artistic expression really is an extension of self. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what comes out of his studio over the next few years. Certainly one to watch!

‘Winter Light’ by Donovan Stanford

Artists appreciation initiative

Lindi set this community of Artists up in the spring of 2020. The primary objective of the initiative is so that we, at Lindi Reynolds Interior Design, would have a body of artists, whose work we know will work well within our clients beautiful interior designed homes. No matter how fabulously an interiors scheme may be, without great artworks, it can never be complete. Art finishes a scheme and makes it truly interesting and memorable. Art is a key element to any successful Interior Design scheme, and through the Artists Appreciation Initiative we aim to create a community of talented artists whose works we respect and admire and can put forward with confidence to our wonderful clients.