Home Design MasterPlan, a personal consultation service that will give you a clear vision for the future of your home and puts you in control.

You want your home to be somewhere you can be proud of, a haven that reflects your personality, flows beautifully and makes optimum use of space. Home should be a calming and energising space that enables your best version of self. When your home stops meeting those objectives (or perhaps never did?) it can impact on your whole mindset and feeling of well-being. And it can be a real challenge to turn it around: Could small changes make a dramatic difference? Do you need to make wholesale changes? Is it time to extend? Could a new colour scheme transform the way it looks and the way you feel about it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a trained eye to help you to find the answers and show you exactly what you need to create a living space that you revel in?

Lindi Reynolds Home Design Masterplan™ is created to give you the tools that enable you to bring out the best in your largest asset, your home. The Home Design MasterPlan™ gives you a step-by-step guide to transforming your home into a truly remarkable place.

How the Home Design MasterPlan™ works:

The Home Design Masterplan™ is a rewarding two-part process which gives you a road map at the end of it to update your home.

Part 1: Your transformation consultation

This eye-opening two-hour consultation takes place in your home to give us an opportunity to see, feel and understand the issues you are currently facing. In this fun-packed session, we’ll learn about your tastes, your lifestyle and your vision for your home. We’ll discuss ideas and put forward recommendations that may challenge your considerations to date. At the end of it we’re certain that you’ll look at your space differently, and have a sea of positive possibilities that you had never considered before.

After the two house consultation session in your home we create a full report that you can use as a step by step guide to help bring about the transformation that you are looking for.

Part 2:Your transformation bible

After your transformation workshop, we’ll analyse your thoughts and ideas and add a little sprinkling of our inspiration, then present them to you in a detailed, but actionable, report. You can bring this vision to life yourself (as and when time and budget is available) or call upon Lindi Reynolds Interiors’ extensive expertise to do so.

Is the Home Design MasterPlan™ for you?

Whether you are buying a new home, have just moved in or have been living in your property for years and it needs a new lease of life, the Home Design Masterplan™ has been created to save you time, effort and money. Consultations can take place one-to-one, with a couple or with a family. So it’s the ideal tool to help you find common ground that marry your tastes and sensibilities. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to improve their home, but does not know where to begin. New home buyers have found that the Home Design Masterplan™ has helped them to identify issues that they would not have spotted without an expert eye.

Are you looking to extend?

Talk to us at the beginning of your process to develop a plan that reduces your stress during the project and enhances your enjoyment when your new space is complete.

What is Covered in the Home Design MasterPlan™?

The Home Design Masterplan™ is tailored to your own personal requirements, but topics we frequently help our clients to find clarity on include:

House layout

Interior Architecture



Editing of what you have

Extension ideas

Furniture layouts

Whatever it is that needs addressing to bring about a beautiful and functional home for you and your family.

The Investment:

The Home Design MasterPlan™ is £ 1,750 + VAT. The value is significantly more, with clients reporting that they have saved significant amounts of money, time and ended up with a house interior that they love.

See what some of our clients have had to say about their Home Design MasterPlan™ service:

“After my consultation with Lindi I felt much more confident in my ideas and more secure about making my budget work. She had so many clever ways of making things interesting and getting the flow of the house right. From the positioning of lights to the opening of doors, Lindi’s ideas and experience really came into play and I was so glad to have her on my side. With a two hour slot we didn’t discuss fabrics or colours in depth, but after I received Lindi’s follow up plan, I had a focused route to go forward with. She also helped save us a significant amount of money by alerting us to a damp issue. We managed to negotiate the remedial work of this off the sale price. Now that was an unexpected and most pleasant benefit.” Diana Gilbert, Twickenham

“In the early stages of a major building project I engaged Lindi via her Home Interiors Plan ™ to sanity check my plans and take on new ideas. This was hugely beneficial, Lindi has a great eye for detail and innovative ways of problem solving and many of her ideas were taken on board to shape areas of the project after her comprehensive and well presented summary . Beyond the plan she helped me in a couple of specific areas where I felt I needed more support – I would definitely recommend the Home Design Masterplan™ to anyone at the outset or early stages of any project.” Jo Sinclair, Co-Founder of Brand Architekts, Teddington

“We were embarking on a building project and decided we needed some help before we broke ground to give us a sense of what we were trying to achieve with the final result. Not being the most creative people we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the desire to make the individual spaces work together but without everything looking the same. Lindi gave us some suggestions to improve our plans and inspiration and guidelines on how the areas should work together. The Home Design Masterplan™ experience was extremely helpful, we now have a much better idea of what the final look we are trying to achieve will be. I’m sure we will use Lindi again for more detailed advice on lighting and furniture plans as we get further into the process.” Debbie, New Malden

How to book your Home Design MasterPlanSession:

We would welcome discussing your project requirements with you. Please call us directly on 020 822343228, or drop me an e-mail lindi@lindireynolds.com