Indigo from Edward Bulmer Natural paints confident and purposeful.

We have been sharing our understandings around colour psychology to give you, our followers, more confidence with  colour. With the insights that we have to share, you will, hopefully, be able to use colour to bring about the results that you are looking to achieve within any Interior Scheme.

It’s important to remember that whilst there are colour truths, that are culturally and sometimes universally held, it is important to check that they concur with you. Sometimes, due to an individual experience of a colour, it may not ring true for you, and then it is important to adjust. We are always interested to hear from followers if a colour truth does not ring true for them and why. It is seldom the case, but always interesting and helps to further inform our understanding of colour usage in interiors.


In this article we will be looking at the psychology of Blue, Yellow and Pink:

How to use blue in Interiors


‘French Blue’ by Edward Bulmer natural paints a noble colour indeed. Cool, calm and dignified. Seen here in a gallery of busts, but perfect for a sunny study or entrance hall if you want to create a statement of calm and stable.

Blue is the colour of calm and serenity. It engenders clarity, perspective and openness. A great colour to use in sociable spaces as it inspires a sense of calm collegiality, but equally good for quieter spaces who’s purpose may be for study and contemplation.

Interestingly it is a signifier of ambition, and this is more obviously seen in it’s darker counterpart, navy. This deeper shade of blue sign posts responsibility, integrity, trust and order. The perfect colour to use in the way that you present yourself whether it be through your home or your wardrobe, if you want to be taken seriously. If you mean business, navy is a good strong cue to use. Dependable and trustworthy.

Navy Blue by Edward Bulmer Natural paint. Prussian Blue with a touch of Carmine to give it a little extra sophistication; this is no ordinary navy blue. Strong, dependable and confident for every good reason.

Using yellow in Interiors

Yellow, unsurprisingly, is the colour of optimism. The colour of the sun, yellow has the same warming and nurturing capacity. It provides energy, it is fun and invites happiness in to any room. It encourages logic and attention. Especially ideal for North facing rooms (if you are living in the Northern hemisphere, and South if you are not!)

Brimstone from Edward Bulmer Natural Paints. A bright, light yellow – less dependent on yellow ochre and more on chrome yellow. Perfect for any shaded room.

It is interesting to note that it is the colour of munificence and abundance; yellow sends a very positive and nurturing message to all that sit within it’s embrace. As a result it is seen as the colour of wealth in many cultures.

‘Patent yellow’ by Edward Bulmer Natural paints has a touch of grey in it to soften it so that it almost starts to work as a neutral, but has all the benefits of yellow. Uplifting and enlightening!

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. Yellow is perfect for a study space as it engenders clarity and logic.

Using the Colour Pink in Interiors

There is no need to pigeon hole this colour to pretty girls bedrooms. There is good reason that it is used so liberally for the feminine sex, but it has so much more going for it and it turns out it’s good for everyone!

Pink is the colour of care, love and respect. It symbolises love of oneself and of others, and so is a powerful unifier.  It is the colour of acceptance.

Pink is also the colour of intuition. If you want to set your family and your friends at ease then pink deserves your consideration.

‘Rose’ from Edward Bulmer Natural paint is an overtly feminine pink but still good for more than just the bedroom if you’re feeling confident. If not, but you would still like a colour to set your family and guests at ease, then look to the earthier pinks like ‘Jonquil’ or ‘Cuisse de Nymph Emu’.

As a little aside, but relevant to our understanding of colour meaning; the best example I have seen recently of the usage of pink in messaging is the Banksy Refugee boat logo. He simply couldn’t have chosen a better colour to underpin the message of equality, care and universal acceptance that the rescue boat stands for. 

Banksy's Refugee Boat

Banksy’s rescue boat sports a perfectly pink message of hope, universal love and acceptance.

Our sincere thanks go to Edward Bulmer Natural Paints for the beautiful images featured in this post. Edward Bulmer Paint Company produce a range of naturally inspired paints that are not only good for the environment, but are better to live with as well, as they are completely non-toxic.

‘At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we provide you with an honest declaration of ALL our ingredients.  We can even tell you precisely how they are produced and from what country they are sourced. Our paint is made from naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin like linseed oil, or from mineral raw materials such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments. We do not use dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides or toxins.’ Edward Bulmer Paint Co.