We are pleased and proud to present Karen Welsh, an extraordinary abstract landscape artist as the next talented artist to be included into our Artists Appreciation Initiative.


Summer Landscape

Towards Laverstock

Early years art training

Surrey born, Karen was initially trained as a sign writer and commercial artist. She grew up with painting being part of the ‘fabric of life’ with her father, Paul Welsh, famous for his beautifully articulated hand painted pictorial pub signs that hung all over the country.  Completing her apprenticeship under her fathers tuition she would often help out on larger commissions. Karen says of that time in her life; ‘We did the most fantastic work together. We were gilders too doing work for the Royal Palaces. We even had hand-written , gilded lettering work in the Royal Academy of Arts.’


The call of the countryside


Yellow in the Landscape

After 31 years of producing bespoke signs and images in the traditional way Karen decided it was time to ‘follow her bliss’ and seek out a life of painting full time in the West Country instead. Cornwall was the plan, but on the way Wiltshire caught her heart instead.


The beauty of the Wiltshire countryside with its open chalk hills and wide valleys covered with hardy grasslands provides the unique landscape that inspires Karen to put paint to canvas. The occasional tree dotted on the horizon accentuates the clean line between the earth and the sky. In Karen’s landscapes we can escape to the countryside in flash, more than that they manage to invoke in the viewer that sense of joy and freedom that comes with enjoying wide open spaces and good country air. In this case, Wiltshire to be specific!


Journey towards Abstraction

More recently, Karen has been on a journey to abstraction. Her paintings have developed from figurative through to semi abstract and total abstraction. Starting with gestural marking then layering the paint, concentrating on balancing tonal value with colour harmony, Karen builds on the works until she has achieved the desired outcome.



What is the Artists Appreciation Initiative?

Here at Lindi Reynolds Interior Design we are thrilled to have Karen Welsh as part of our Artists Appreciation Initiative. This initiative came about as a result of us recognising the importance of art in luxury Interior Design. Without art, not matter how well thought out and executed a scheme may be, it will never be complete. Through the Artists Appreciation Initiative we are pleased and proud to showcase artists that we know will be well received by our clients and their artworks will provide the perfect finishing touch to months and sometimes years of work. Great Interior Design requires the best art.

You can reach Karen Welsh, independently, through these channels:

IG: Kwca_artist



01722 321826

07515 482406