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We  are thrilled to present, Jocelyn Horsfall, an award-winning fine art photographer, specialising in atmospheric and evocative images inspired by flowers, foliage and the natural world. ‘Nature is good for the soul, and I am looking to capture some of its beauty, serenity and harmony in my work’ says Jocelyn.

Tropical Wonderland 1
Tropical Wonderland 1

No ordinary photographer, her style is painterly and impressionistic, combining a strong sense of colour and form with an interest in textural effects and abstraction. She uses soft focus, multiple exposure, and camera movement to create images with a fluid, organic feel, and is drawn to the intimate details to be found in nature that are revealed beyond the normal viewpoint. The end results are contemporary, sophisticated and sensitive manifestations of the natural world that capture the imagination and would lend a modern tone of voice to any interior design scheme. Based in South West London, Jocelyn sells limited edition fine art giclée prints, framed and unframed, together with other media such as acrylic and metal prints. Jocelyn’s pedigree in photography runs back to her mother and her grandfather before that, who specialised in landscape and travel. Jocelyn takes the art form further; contemporising it for us. Her work is about interpretation and suggestion rather than a literal representation of the natural world. Jocelyn finds her inspiration comes from the Impressionist painters including Monet and Van Gogh. Georgia O’Keeffe’s sensual flowers and abstracts are another source of inspiration, as well as contemporary photographers Fay Godwin, Paul Kenny and Valda Bailey. 

Jocelyn has an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and has been a finalist/highly commended in the prestigious International Garden Photographer of the Year competition (IGPOTY) in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. Last year she won 1st prize for a portfolio of images (one of which, Tropical Wonderland, is featured here). She has been exhibited at Kew Gardens with the other award-winning images.

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Orchid Medley

IG: Jocelyn Horsfall

M: 007721003442