and how it’s the secret to creating luxury interiors


Architectural Interior Design is what we do. Simply put, it is the design of the home from the inside out – perfectly thought through so that the interior works hard to support the inhabitants lifestyles. Importantly, it acknowledges the architectural form of the building, inside and out. This way the practice of Architecture and Interior Design become one. ‘Lakeside’ in Esher (the property seen below) is a good example of how we were able to employ Architectural Interior Design to great effect, because we informed the style, character and form of the home at the outset. In this instance we designed the house as well as the interiors, so the flow between the interior and the exterior and vice-versa was never a point that would simply be left to chance. For the creation of the best luxury interiors this is the best approach unless you are working with a perfectly formed structure already.




So, what are the specific benefits of appointing a consultancy to consider your project from an Architectural Interior Design perspective?

  1. Establish Grace. Ensuring that the interior chimes with the exterior is not always as straight forward as you might think, so this really needs consideration at planning stage. Get this right and you will create a thing of beauty to be marvelled at and admired. What’s more you will have created a perfectly peaceful haven for living. This is because, quite simply, the harmony of our surroundings informs our senses.
  2. Create a Sense of flow. If the connectedness and relationship of all parts has been properly considered your living in the space will be economical and easy, thereby creating an enjoyable living environment that enables your best self.
  3. Maximise Real Estate Value. This is a biggie and not to be shirked at. By making the most of your property spatially and visually real estate value is maximised. We know the do’s and don’t to maximising value. The don’t’s are easy to make if you are unaware of them, so be careful not to fall into that trap.
  4. Make it fit for purpose. With an eye on architectural interior design, bespoke cabinetry can blend into the walls, making less ‘noise’ whilst supporting your living requirements optimally.
  5. Create the Perfect Canvass. Once you have done all this you have the perfect form to modify cosmetically should you wish to over the years without having to go to the expense and effort of all the dust which comes with more serious alterations, or the added and unnecessary expense.


So, don’t get caught into thinking that you need an Architect for the outside and an Interior Designer for the inside. To create exceptional residences that epitomise luxury it’s important that your appointed team work on all visual elements collectively, i.e. everything that you see should, ideally, be considered in unison. This is because the way that everything comes together, the way that everything presents as a whole, will determine your project success. We are a one-stop studio that has its eye on all touchpoint. We have a good track record with achieving planning permissions with the various planning authorities for extensions and new builds alike. More than that we have a real appetite to create exceptional homes, inside and out with luxury appeal. The other benefit of using a one-stop specialist like us is that project communications instantly become a whole lot more straight forward. (Please don’t overlook this, especially if your project is large scale.)

That said, if you have a preferred architect already appointed to your project, we are always happy to collaborate, and will do so in a way to affect seamless solutions throughout. Our world is a melting pot of creative energy and it is always our great pleasure to meet like minded professionals.

why we are well placed to help create your luxury home

In 2020 we were thrilled to be awarded, ‘Best Luxury Interior Designer for South East England’ by BUILD 2020 Real Estate & Property Awards.

In 2020 we were shortlisted for the International Design and Architecture Awards for the £ 2.5 – 5 million property value category. Due to Covid, the results have been pushed back to March 2021. The property that ensured our shortlisting was ‘Lakeside’, Esher – featured above.

If you are thinking of taking on a project and want to achieve the highest standard in luxury architectural interior design, then please talk to us. I’d be happy to discuss your project, whether it be a character property extension or a new build project. I’d also welcome your questions on Architectural Interior Design, with specific reference to your project. We have the necessary stamina to see large projects through, the commitment to excellence that is necessary to creating winning Luxury interior solutions and the experience to navigate large scale projects clearly and efficiently.

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