Working from her base in West Hampstead, we are proud to present artist, Jessie Woodgate. Jessie has been surrounded by creatives all her life, so feels becoming an artist was inevitable. Looking at her pieces, it’s obvious that painting for her is as natural as taking a walk outdoors is for the rest of us. Water colours are her preferred medium, and of all the mediums, this is the most unforgiving. Water colours don’t lie. There is no opportunity for ‘cover-up’s’, and that’s the point, there’s absolutely no need for a forgiving medium here, because Jessie’s underlying draftsmanship is effortlessly spot-on.
Interested in our social history, colonialism and cultural diversity, Jessie explores urban themes which are a natural mix of historical and modern settings. She focuses her lense on derelict, once grandiose buildings now covered in graffiti and street art. She introduces to this, characters, to show a snapshot of urban life and to record a non-repeatable moment in time. As a result, there is something quite poignant for us, the on-looker, as we get a small glimpse into these strangers lives and wonder what they may be thinking or saying, whilst they are sat in places we are all familiar with, one way or another.

Jessie’s mastery of watercolours is something to marvel at, there’s no doubt. That combined with her lense on contemporary society makes for personal, evocative and highly memorable creations. Simply no surprise then to learn that Jessie was shortlisted as a finalist for the Sunday Times watercolour competition 2019.
Instagram: jessiewoodgate

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