South of France, Aix-en-Provence

Continuing with our Artists Appreciation Initiative, I am pleased to present David Gainford. I came across David at the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair, and it was this painting of the South of France that drew me to his collection. David has been painting for over 30 years and his ability is unlimited, it seems as he has the ability to turn his hand to emulate many of the masters styles; Constable, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Singer Sargent, Leonardo and Michelangelo, to name a few. This painting, set in the South of France, and strongly reminiscent of Cezanne’s impressionist treatment of the canvass, evoke’s immediately a very strong sense of place;  Aix-en-Provence, to be particular. This is the area that Cezanne was so prolific in and which I know and love so well. It literally stopped me in my tracks and transported me back there in an instant. How wonderful when a work of art can do that for you.

David will supply limited edition prints of his works, now hanging in homes all around the world. He is also happy to take independent commissions. Contact:

(0044) 07802447813

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