Edward Bulmer Paint Colour Chart
On International Earth Day I thought it would be wonderful to celebrate a company that has the interests of the environment at the core of what they do. I was thrilled to bits when Edward Bulmer Paint Company agreed to be showcased. If we all make the right choices in our own little worlds we can turn this ship around, surely.
As one of the country’s leading architectural historians, Edward Bulmer has been involved in the restoration and redecoration of some of the country’s most important country houses; Goodwood, Hampton Court, Chequers and Althorp to name a few. Part of this process involved the creation of a range of natural, environmentally friendly, historically sympathetic paints, and it was from this that Edward’s eponymous paint company evolved.
Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is fast becoming the go-to paint for many interior designers and has a wide following amongst those who can differentiate between paint brands that say they are eco and are are not, and those who are eco and can prove it. The range has 90 beautiful colours, with a selection available in lighter shades and a nursery collection of 12 colours, all designed by interior designer Edward Bulmer using just 12 natural earth and mineral pigments. 
The company is unique in having a leading interior designer at the helm who knows what colours work and how to get tonality right. There’s no blind following of pantone trends here!  Edward is also passionate about the quality of the product, making sure it is easy to use (an important consideration for any Decorator). Furthermore in the product composition, he has been sure to ensure their paints are a healthy choice for any building (which need to breath) and their inhabitants alike.  Nearly all modern water based acrylic paints are made with plastic and contain micro beads which is like wrapping your house in cling film!  Natural paint is 20 times more breathable than acrylic paint, allowing your home and yourself to breathe freely. 
Edward is a modern day eco-worrier and believes we all should have the information to make  educated choices. The paint itself uses only naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin like linseed oil, and other natural elements such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments. Avoiding the use of dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides and toxins. 
Sustainability is simply good management,” says Edward, “The resources we use to make the paints are mainly derived from rocks or annual crops.  Any unused waste paint can be composted too.” This helps us, as consumers, to have a circular mindset when decorating rather than adding to the rising landfill levels with the issues which currently surround the disposal of paint.”
It is crucial to Edward and the business to continue to strive to reduce their impact on the planet, “The factory we use generates solar energy as well as buying in renewable energy and all the waste water is clean enough to go back into the local sanitation process.” continues Bulmer, “We do the same in the colouring and marketing facility. Our packaging is a mixture of recyclable buckets for transporting and recycled aluminium tins, cardboard and pulp formers for presentation to the customer.”
The best part is there is no compromise, the paints are unrivalled; the colours are exquisite, a soft and chalky finish can be beautifully achieved with only two coats and they are as robust to modern living as their plastic counterparts.
During these sad, strange and difficult times the company are still mixing and sending paint out to customers. The team are working isolated shifts and so cannot guarantee next day delivery. They are offering free colour consultancy so if you have any colour questions or would like advice on a North East facing room or just which off-white, email them with any photos or video and they will come back to you.
Free colours cards are available on their website
For inspiration follow their Instagram @eb_naturalpaint and @edward_bulmer
Happy Earth Day 2020 from Edward and the team.