Tortue Genial by Oliver Leger. This piece took 6 months to create.

Proudly presenting Olivier Leger who creates ecological dream scapes in pen and ink for us to be wondrously ‘lost’ in:  

‘I am an East Midlands based artist and my focus is to create drawings of the natural world. I graduated from NUCA with a Fine Art degree in 2011. Although I went through the art education system I feel that my becoming an artist had everything to do with my mother and my brother’s great encouragement and support. Both have been great mentors to me for which I am truly grateful. 

The drawings I create are made with ink using predominantly fine liners and dipping pens. They are extremely detailed illustrations exploring biology, ecology and the natural world. My drawings are large scale, and take around 6 months to complete, so they are quite an undertaking, requiring patience and determination. Once complete I hope that the viewer will be afforded plenty of opportunity to escape into the detail of my newly created worlds. That makes it all worth while for me. 

For the most part I have my head in the clouds, and I love thinking about the world and the nature of existence. Life on the earth is an interconnected tangle of chemistry and organisms protected by the veil of our atmosphere from a harsh oblivion that is the vacuum and radiation of space. It is the intricacy and delicate nature of our planet in the midst of the expanse of space that helps formulate the subject matter of my drawings. I hope that by creating wonderfully intricate illustrations of our world that people come to think that earth and the other animals that inhabit the globe are worth nurturing and preserving.’

It’s impossible to come away from viewing one of Oli’s works of art without experiencing a deep appreciation for nature and the interconnectedness of all things. A truly exceptional artist in every way.

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At the Surrey Art Fair 2020

Olivier works in minute detail. This image puts it all into perspective.