Understanding the value of creativity.

Einstein knew the fundamental importance of creativity, and it’s refreshing and reassuring to remind ourselves of this truth when creativity is often the first thing to be slashed from the ‘frame’. It is not always valued by society, so what propels us forward to embrace it?  Working in a creative industry it’s important to figure this one out.

One of our favourite Einstein quotes is ‘ Imagination is more important than knowledge.’  Worth pondering? Of course – it’s revolutionary even 120 years on. Knowledge can be learned from the world around us whereas creativity  comes from within and as a result generates new insights, inspirations, views and aspirations; depending on the creative field we are involved in. Its importance is fundamental to what drives us forward as a generation and to what makes us human. So, if you were ever half mast about flexing your creative muscle, you should have more confidence with sign off from one of the worlds greatest minds. Also worth pondering from Einstein,  ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ Well, why wouldn’t you?   Let’s celebrate creativity in all its forms and value it for what it’s really is.