Still life with Oranges Henri Matisse

Still Life with Oranges by Henri Matisse

If you are about to embark on a major ‘home renovations’ or ‘build from scratch’ project, it is certainly worth contemplating these wise words. What did Matisse mean exactly by this, and how can we apply the learnings to a build project or make-over?

Two things really:
One – there is no point in creating if you aren’t going to put it out there. The act of creating leads to presenting our ideas or creations and that takes courage, especially if your ideas are ground breaking. You have to be brave to share your creations, because of course there is always the chance that your masterpiece may be met with ridicule. Be brave – daring even, don’t be seduced by the safety of beige or grey, just to have an easy ride. Put yourself out there and I wager you will be pleasantly surprised.   

Two – it takes courage to explore new worlds. Henri Matisse rivalled Picasso in the importance of innovation for the arts; always looking to achieve a new artistic vernacular. He emerged as a Post Impressionist, but mastered many subsequent artistic genres and was widely recognised as one of the all time greatest colourists. This type of continued re-invention, always looking to break the boundaries, takes a particular type of courage and an immense energy. It is the same with architecture and interiors; there is very little point in replicating something if there is a fresh representation to be had instead which works just as well or indeed even better. Intrinsically, of course, there is so much more energy in solutions that are right for the time, fit for purpose and chime with the users every need. 

Conclusion: Find your voice and be brave. Of course, it’s fine to play this out within the context of the time you are working in. If you have to have grey, go for it, but be sure to overlay the mainstream vernacular with your own personality. Have fun with it. Be daring.   

This year we will be choosing, as a basic requirement, creativity and courage to forge ahead with.  I can’t wait to get started.