It’s quite easy to look at a fabulous interior and be lulled into a false sense that getting to this point must have been a walk in the park. It looks so right, so easy. How could it possibly be difficult? Think again.

Knowing what the three most challenging aspects of Interior Design are could make your Interiors journey that much simpler:

  1. The sheer plethora of products vying for attention. This takes valuable time and consideration to weigh up the pro’s and con’s for each. In the hands of someone who knows the walk you don’t need to take the long road to success.
  2. Once you have signed off on the designs and are ready to hit the green light on ‘project build’ you will need to know that your project is being managed by someone who understands, inside out, the correct sequencing of trades. This is often overlooked because it looks straightforward from the outside, but don’t be fooled, there is a broad and specialist knowledge of products and pricing that is needed to ensure that events flow smoothly. Effective project management can save you time and money. Regarding this aspect, the Interior Designer has a duty of care to advise, you the client, that under Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations 2015, all parties working on your domestic (it is different for commercial) project have a duty to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the health and safety of the project. One of the aspects that needs to be addressed under this regulation, therefore, is sequencing of trades. This requires specialist knowledge.
  3. The key challenge to any design project, and one of the primary benefit of appointing an Interior Designer, would have to be the creation of the central idea. This isn’t something that is clearly obvious when you look at a completed scheme, but it is that kernel which makes a project hang together so well. It’s the hidden ingredient that makes a house sing as a whole; it flows, it makes it an exciting place to be and it brings it to life. This is challenging indeed but it’s also the aspect of my work that I love the most.  Importantly it needs to be tailored to the client so that it’s relevant, but that’s another whole topic for another time.

If you have a project and need some advice with how to take it forward, we would be happy to talk. We have a broad supplier base and in-depth products knowledge. We have a sound track record of effective project sequencing and we simply delight in discovering that central idea that is so key to every successful project.

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