We are simply delighted to announce that we have been appointed as interior designers for a new build home at 65 Wolsey Road.  The house has been designed by architects, Mary Hackett and Associates and Lindi Reynolds Interiors has been commissioned to breathe further character and interest into the six-bedroomed home.

With a blank canvas of 5380 square feet, this promises to be an immensely rewarding project. Furthermore, as we have been commissioned to roll out our full 360° service offering, we can be confident of a home that is aesthetically seamless and has a real character of it’s own, designed to chime with the Barclay family’s style essence and functional living requirements.

The best part of it all is that this is our first commission for an acclaimed fantasy writer. To date James Barclay has had 13 books published and has been translated into eight languages. His wife Clare is COO to a trailblazer technology company which keeps her nice and busy.

On asking James why they had chosen to appoint us to their project he said: ‘To handle every aspect of the interior design, decoration and furnishing of quite a large house is a hugely daunting task. We felt we needed experts who could guide us through the process, offer specialist advice and who know the best sources for everything from a window latch to a dining table. We felt that Lindi Reynolds Interiors was exactly the right expert – not just local and vastly experienced but with a methodology that is clear, allows creative growth and seeks to give us the house we want as opposed to the house that is imposed on us. We cannot wait to get started.’

‘This is all very exciting and we are thrilled at the prospect of working with such a creative family. Just watch this space!’ says Lindi.