Individually tailored dressing room with bespoke walnut cabinetry

It’s the season of good intention where we all make wonderful new plans of how we can improve on the year that has gone before. Good design should always make the users life more pleasurable and of course, hassle free. This is always a key objective at the heart of any design brief that we develop at LRI.

A good example of this perhaps is this dressing room that we designed and built for a client recently. We began by understanding their wardrobe requirements over a year period and then tailored the draw sizes, shoe storage and hanging configurations to meet our clients everyday dressing needs. There isn’t an inch of space that is not utilised with the floor to ceiling wardrobes. Perhaps more importantly, however, we have also been sure to leave enough space so that the client is at ease in the space making it easy to power up for work or relax into the weekend. Dressing is a daily ritual and  I can’t think of a better way to assist in the pursuit of style, beauty, glamour or understated chic – take your pick of preferred style presentation, whatever it may be. A personally tailored dressing room will go a long way to making this an everyday joyful transformation.

Whatever your New Years resolutions may be, good luck and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we can help to realise your ambitions.