Lakeside Bar, New Road, Esher

It is not often that one gets offered the opportunity to add another string to one’s bow, so when the chance came up to design a bar, we jumped at it!

Designing a 7500 sq ft house from scratch gives you the perfect opportunity to get layouts right and to make sure that the floorplan chimes with the family’s every day, and high-day-holiday needs. It became obvious from early on that our clients thrived on, and were very good at entertaining. So, it seemed like the perfect solution, we recommended putting an entrance hall table style bar at the centre of the house, to act as a focal point and a central meeting point for the whole family to convene at come the end of the day. Our clients loved the concept and so we ran the bar development parallel with the kitchen design.

As the bar sits in a large open plan space it also acts as a link between the kitchen, family snug, breakfast bar and dining room; providing a central pivot of sorts. It was important to give the bar a sense of character and style. Here we must give a huge nod of respect to our wonderful client who recognised an early trend when we presented it and agreed to have the bar wrapped and studded in burnished bronze. It is understated, sophisticated and complements the other fixtures and fittings in the space. Importantly, however, it is slightly more edgy whilst still fitting into a home environment. The crystal chandelier above the bar helps to achieve the focal point we wanted to bring about, as do the mirrored cabinets on the back wall which serve to reflect the chandelier, and also store the glassware – all adding to the sparkle and glamour of the space.

Of course you can’t pour the perfect drink unless you have everything to hand, so it has been designed meticulously with internal refrigeration, waste bin, prep sink and endless storage for every cocktail mixer you could ever hope for.

Thinking you might like a bar of your own? Let us pour you a drink first! Sante!