Contemporary Kitchen in Putney

Lytton Grove, Putney

We have been designing kitchens for 8 years now, but did you know that we can managed every step of the project from concept designs through to installation and hand over?

So what would the benefits of entrusting the whole process to your Interior Designer be?

Rendered visuals. Plans show how Kitchen and Dining Room are linked.

1. The kitchen shouldn’t be designed in isolation. It links to the rest of the house after all and your Interior Designer should be well versed in ‘cracking’ a solution that works harmoniously and links the adjoining rooms. (See how we did this with one of our most recent projects – We linked the kitchen and dining room through removing the wall altogether that separated them and then backed the kitchen cabinetry onto a wall of dining room dresser style cabinetry. This creates a wonderful sense of harmony between the two and what’s more the space feels larger in each as a result because of the central axis that we created between the two.

2. Quality of Installation is key. This is as important as a great design. Whatever you do, do not leave this to chance. There are always design decisions to be taken on site and at the point of installation – make sure that you are in good hands knowing that the installer is both talented at his craft and has an eye for detail. Our installers are proud of their craft and are adept at working with the challenges that inevitably present themselves on site

3. We deliver a premium product at compelling rates. We can do this because we don’t have the overheads that some of our competitors do. That said, we don’t cut corners. Each and every job is costed, ensuring that we have factored in the time that we will need to give every detail the attention it deserves. So if you are looking for a master class kitchen to be delivered by real professionals at every step of the way and at fair rates then why not give us a call?

Masterclass kitchens delivered by professionals at every stage at fair and compelling rates.