The colour of energy, passion and action, but what is your personal response to it?

The colour of energy, passion and action, but what is your personal response to it?

Colour is a powerful tool for telling a most beautiful story through your home, so why not invest a little time to get it right?

A born colourist I absolutely adore the artists palette and the myriad of nuanced colour achievable within. For us it’s paramount that the colour combinations we recommend are on character. Furthermore, it’s important that our clients love, for a very long time, the colour combinations that we install. The right combination can make you sing, and why not?

Colour is a most versatile medium and can be used to describe every mood under the sun. On one end it can be used to subtle effect and on the other end of the spectrum, dramatic result. It has the power to evoke a certain character of mood, it has the ability to calm and sooth.  So, why not choose to tell an interesting story with colour in your home? Whilst you are at it make it personal, don’t just follow something that you have found on Pinterest that you like or feel you have an affinity with. Certainly, that is a very good start, but is it the whole story and how does it match up with your partner or other members of the family?

We specialise in just that – finding the middle ground. I have lost count now of how many times I have heard a client say of their partner, ‘We just can’t agree on colour.’ With experience, I know that there is always a middle ground that both parties will be happy with. Finding that middle ground is where our colour workshopping comes in. It’s a process that works. What’s more, according to our clients, it’s enjoyable. Sue and Chris were one of these couples, and this is what Sue had to say of our colour workshopping service:

‘My partner and I had such very different style sensibilities yet Lindi managed to balance those and present options that we were both excited about. The finished result is a home that I feel proud of; it looks great and works better too, because the spaces have been carefully considered for functional and aesthetic living.’ Sue Nicholl

Obviously the nature of this consultative service means that it is a bespoke offering, so If you think that we could help you please call Lindi directly on 07940572554 to discuss your requirements and we will scope out the perfect workshop session to produce the ideal colour palette for your home.