Sarah Stafford, bespoke metalwork arts feature

Sarah Stafford, bespoke metalwork arts feature

This will be my last blog on Decorex till this time next year. I have loved focusing on the theme of ‘Playfulness’ but I think it would be remiss of me not to take some time to mention a most noteworthy Decorex contribution to the industry.

Future Heritage is a Decorex initiative which supports contemporary crafts men and women to push the boundaries of what they can achieve with their chosen materials creatively. This last Decorex saw the third year of this wonderful initiative. Curated by design and applied arts critic, Corinne Julius.

How it works is that a select group of makers are chosen to present their pioneering work at Decorex under the Future Heritage umbrella. The idea being that their work can be commissioned by interior designers and architects for use in their projects. Areas covered are lighting, flooring, sound absorption and fire resistant materials; to name a few.

This is a fabulous showcase for the industry of what is new and possible in the realm of design. Quite naturally the bar is set high with designers and makers being selected for their innovation and mastery within their skills area.  It’s through schemes like this that boundaries are challenged, but also, and of key significance, these talented makers are given an opportunity to present themselves to the industry. Take a look at the Future Heritage Makers 2016 list to see the definitive guide to the most important design makers. These are the names to collect in British craft. I think you will agree that it will be hard not to be wowed!

This is what Sarah Stafford, a designer & maker of fine, bespoke jewellery and architectural metalwork, had to say about her Decorex experience:

‘There are hundreds of incredibly talented makers out there who simply can’t afford to do an exhibition such as Decorex, or, for that matter, take the risk; I certainly couldn’t, so the support of Corinne Julius and Future Heritage has been vital to driving my venture forward. You get a sense of how well regarded the stand is by the industry by the overwhelmingly positive comments that you hear from virtually everyone who walks by. Corinne has a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm for the work that she selects, and her boundless energy gets the conversations going and contributes enormously to everyone’s successes. I would certainly love to do Decorex again – with my own stand next time – I don’t think you get invited to do Future Heritage twice!’

As a result of Decorex Sarah has an exhibition in London to work towards, an installation at an architects firm which she is currently designing, a long list of leads to follow up on and and she’s off to Dubai with the Crafts Council in March. All of these are attributable to Decorex.

We at Lindi Reynolds Interiors would like to wish all Heritage Makers 2016 the best of luck!