A veritable treasure trove every year of what’s new and gorgeous in the world of Interiors. This year was no exception for Decorex. With close on 500 exhibitors I have decided to pick a particular focus for report or I’ll still be at it this time next year. I was struck by how many brands had a playful element to them, and so why not have that as our focus to enjoy? It certainly was an aspect that stood out for me, and I wonder if it is a direct response by the creators to the fact that we are living in a time with much political and social uncertainty? The spaces that we create to live in can and should at least be places of positive upliftment. A great opportunity to focus on the joyful aspects of what we have and treasure.  See if you find the brands that I am going to put forward over the next four weeks a good tonic for the soul.

Curiosa's new Caravaggio collection

Curiosa’s new Caravaggio collection

First up, is a lighting company called Curiousa & Curiousa. Even the name itself is whimsical. Esther Patterson, Curiousa’s designer and founder, has a real passion for traditional British manufacturing and a true love of craftsmanship. All bespoke hand-blown glass fittings are produced in their Derbyshire studio and can be seen in their London Showroom, nestled between London and Clerkenwell. Their collection of eye catching statement pieces never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thank you Curiousa & Curiousa!

A suitably playful bedfellow to this brand, specialising in wall coverings and textiles is Timorous Beasties. Again, there is much in the name. Established by two Glaswegians, Alistair Mcauley and Paul Simmons in 1990, this brand now enjoys international acclaim for it’s iconic, award winning designs.

‘Like Ruskin, ‘Beauty is our main concern.’’ is their epitaph. This is immediately obvious with any one of their designs. Distinctly edgy in nature, an elegant transgression or a display of chic irreverence. Each of their designs embody all or one of these aspects but always with a firm foundation in the history of textile design and manufacture, giving character and depth with a freshness of perspective.  With great respect, a modern day William Morris and John Ruskin partnership. Intricate and beautifully crafted their designs lure you into a fantastical world of rich colour and imagery. I’d say it’s impossible not to pause for at least a good while to admire the breathtaking detailing, fineness of colour and contrast. Go on, feast your eyes, and take a look at their collection. Again, I think you will find it’s hard not to smile.

Timorous Beasties Butterfly Blotch Cushion

Timorous Beasties Butterfly Blotch Cushion