Is there nothing the man did not know?

One of my greatest shortcomings is that I am easily seduced by the many opportunities that present themselves daily, and my diary can, if I am not careful, start to sag. The thing is that there is so much richness to tap into in this world that we live in, and I can be like a little girl in a sweet shop picking and choosing, with gay abandon, the events with the most enriching appeal. All this without giving any consideration to the challenge it will place on my precious 24-hours-a-day ration. Sound familiar?

The sweety shop analogy is a good one too for the world of Interiors – the choice of fabrics, wall and floor coverings is simply staggering. No need to book front row seats at your favourite theatre for a while then. Just take a look at the new Autumn collections bursting onto the scene from some of our suppliers. All world class in terms of what they produce. All have the richest archives from which to draw their inspirations, and sophisticated technologies to deliver the highest quality materials. Just a short list of some of our suppliers to look out for: Colefax and Fowler, Manuel Canovas, Larson, Zoffany, Sanderson, Romo, Black Limited Edition, Kirby, Harlequin, Scion, Brian Yates, De La Cuona, Cole and Son. Their Collections are eye stopping and in this small selection most budgets can be accommodated for.

If you are thinking of an Interior make-over why not call me on +44 (0) 7940572554 to arrange a viewing of the collections that would work best for your tastes and budget. I’d be very happy to help where I can.

The trick is that once you start make sure to keep it simple because reality will challenge you on every turn with your pledge towards this end.