A walk in the park?

A walk in the park?

Myth No. 1: It’s a walk in the Park; all it takes is time and a little bit of thought.
Nearly right; let’s just change that to ‘a lot of thought’ and I’ll be a lot happier that no one’s going to get any nasty surprises. The question is, do you have the time and expertise that you need to do justice to your most important living space, your home? You may decide that the time investment required is just too great and will take you away from achieving the other goals that you have scoped out for the year. Also ask yourself if your expertise lies in this area. My guess is your goals will be closely aligned to your strengths and interest. Now that’s a great recipes for success.

Myth No 2: I’ve just got to figure out my colours and it will all be ok.
Yes, this is a part of it, but if you have this in place what are your rules regarding pattern, texture, light and sound? Getting your colour palette right is key, but it is the interplay of all the elements that will make it truly engaging.

Myth No. 3: When the builders are done it’ll all be done.
‘If only!’ I hear all seasoned home renovation specialists cry. How’s your window dressing coming along? How about your accent lighting, art collections, placement of object d’art, balance of furniture and soft furnishings?… Somehow the building programme always seems to overshadow and pre-occupy. No wonder these elements, that act as the greatest expression of you and your family, are so often left to the end when everyone has projectitis and the energy that you had at the beginning of the project has dissipated to an all time low. This is the stage I want my clients to feel inspired and energised. If it’s hard to engender this on your own, and believe me most people find this to the the case, then there is only one sure way to ensure a happy ride  – engage with a first-rate designer, sit back and enjoy the journey.

If it is something that you would love to do on your own then give it the time and consideration that it deserves. This way you will see it unfold as something very personal to you and your family.  A tip straight up: it’s fine to have some blanks, but only if others are not quite so blank – seek dynamic balance is my advice 🙂

Enjoy the process whatever it is – that’s the key.