Bronzed sneakers, 'Sticky' or passing phase trend?

Bronzed sneakers, ‘Sticky’ or passing phase trend?

It’s true that fashions will come and go. Some are over in a flash whilst others are a bit more ‘sticky’. Metals have been inspiring the world of Interiors for some time now, and we see evidence of this with the profusion of metallised wallpapers, fabrics, light fittings, accessories, cladding and ironmonger. Gone are the days when you merely had to choose between polished or brushed effect stainless steel for your architectural ironmongery. The profusion of choice makes the decision making process that little bit more daunting, after all ironmongery is an expensive decision to get wrong. Opt to go with the option that has a good life span, the classic, timeless solution. It will take a bit of time, but it’s worth the struggle and your designer should have a good steer on this. Designers are usually the first to read a trend, but be sure that their reading of ‘sticky trend’ vs ‘heady seduction, over in a flash trend’ is sound before you invest. A really good designer will translate a trend to give it a timeless appeal.

metals for interior design

Samuel Heath have a brilliant range of architectural ironmongery, demonstrating a broad range of exciting finishes.

Specifically, this metals inspired trend has been towards using the warmer materials. Bronze, copper and gold have had a renaissance over the last 3 years. If you are a fashionista you would have seen this shift coming, because the world of high fashion leads these shifts. When the sun set on the clean, shiny world of platinum, white gold and silver; the once favoured, but nearly forgotten Gold queen came back to claim her crown. With her she brought her sisters; rose gold, bronze, copper and all manner of metal finishes for us to marvel, admire and be seduced by.  This has translated gorgeously into the world of Interiors.

Some examples of how metals are inspiring interior trends:

  1. We can see this by the plethora of new wall coverings that have metal finishes as their starting point. Take a look at these Brian Yates metallise wall coverings.
  2. Lightweight and upholstery weight fabrics alike are embossed with silvers, golds and bronzes.
  3.  Light fittings are overtly metalised in their finishes, showing once more that that metals are being celebrated for their properties, of reflection, strength and warmth.
  4. For carpets take a look at a company called Front Rugs to see their Erased Heritage range of rugs by designer Jan Kath  to see how metallics have inspired the world of carpet design.
  5.  Metals are being combined to achieve a richness of palette in jewellery, object d’art, fashion, furniture and kitchenware.

A world of many options awaits you whether it’s your home or your wardrobe you are pondering. The trick is to make sure that your choices work to support the image you  are wishing to create.