Want to make sure you appoint the right Interior Designer to your project? Some handy tips straight up:


  1. Take a good look at their portfolio – what have they produced and what are they capable of? Are the images easy on the eye? You don’t need to have an affinity for the colour palettes used or the balance of elements. These may have more to do with the affinity of the client behind the images than the designer him/herself. You should have a sense from the image, however, that the client was in good hands. You can see some of the project work that we have undertaken in our portfolio
  2. Does the designer have a professional endorsement or affiliation such as being a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). This is a highly professional and active institute committed to the on-going progress and career enhancement of it’s members. Membership to an institute of this calibre means that the designer is of the highest professional standing and that if you were to choose them to see your project through you would be in capable hands. At Lindi Reynolds Interior Design we are active members of the BIID. This keeps us abreast with industry developments and new product launches. It is an invaluable resource for us.
  3. You should meet the designer. There is much more to any Interiors Project than meets the eye and you will need to be sure that you can travel the distance with the Interior Design company of your choice. Are they flexible? Do they have a good process in place? What is the process? Do you understand the process that they employ and are you happy to work within that? It is absolutely key that you are on the same page as the designer and that you feel that you have an affinity with them. Do they get you? Interior Design is a highly personal process and so you should feel comfortable enough to let them into your world so that they have a chance of reflecting it back in an end solution that you can revel in for years to come.
  4. Chemistry between all suppliers is key – make sure your Interior Designer has a good relationship with all project stake holders.

If you have addressed all of the above and feel comfortable with what you have found you should be good to go. Enjoy the journey.