7 reasons you need an interior designer

Interior Design is not just about making your home interior look great. A skilled and knowledgeable interior designer will add real estate value to your property by working with the structure of the home and ensuring that the footprint serves your every need, whilst supporting your emotional well being.

There are seven key benefits that you should expect to experience from appointing an Interior Designer:

    1. Real estate value enhancement

      “The quality of their delivery throughout is excellent. I don’t think I could have taken on such a big project without Lindi’s help and she and the team are a pleasure to work with. Her input has added a lot of value onto the house, and she has also stopped me from making expensive mistakes so I have easily covered her fees several times over. I am thrilled with the result and would recommend Lindi Reynolds Interiors to anyone looking for a wow factor for their home.” Lorraine Lewis

    2. Wow factor
      Interiors quite literally have the capability to take your breath away. If you have used your Interior Designer to their best advantage you should fully expect this to be the case.


    1. Lifestyle tailoring
      Through consultation the designer will ensure that the space is fit for purpose and that your living patterns are well supported through functional design delivery.


    1. Hassle free
      Who has time to manage a large scale project with everything else that life throws at you? An Interiors project, no matter what the scale, is hugely demanding. Can you add this to your schedule or do you need a miracle worker?


    1. Time saving
      Employing an Interior Designer can save you time and therefore money, but there are a few factors that you need to ensure are coupled with the process to engender this: 

      • Is there a defined and realistic Process Plan in place?
      • re you committed to making decisions at the right times and within the time frames agreed?
      • Is there good chemistry between all the players (Client / Builder / Interior Design / Architects)?

      A hint: You will need to invest in spending time with your designer so that they have a chance of delivering a solution personable to you, however, this is minimal compared to the time you would need if you were to run with it yourself. It’s easy to underestimate what is involved.

    2. Peace of mind
      Knowing that you have a specialist on board with specialist knowledge.


  1. Enjoyment Factor.
    With an Interior Designer on board the process should be enjoyable and uplifting.

Still not sure whether your home would benefit from an interior designer? Please feel free call me for an informal discussion on 020 8224 3228