I’m often asked ‘when is the best time to engage an interior designer?’. The answer that I always give is ‘as soon as possible‘.

Why? Because an Interior Designer worth their salt should add real value at the front end of any project.

Once you have shared your plans with the designer they can advise at what points their involvement would be beneficial. But don’t make the mistake of seeing an Interior Designer as someone who makes the inside look good once the structure is in place.

Making your home interior work is as much about the structure as it is to do with how the surfaces are treated.

All too often I find myself advising that a wall be moved or a doorway re-orientated after the event. Think of the money that could be saved and the agro that could be avoided if the interior designer had been appointed just a that little bit earlier.

On this new build house in Esher we were the first appointee and just look at what the client had to say:

4-bedroom Regency house in Esher

“I don’t think I could have taken on such a big project without Lindi’s help and she and the team are a pleasure to work with. Her input has added a lot of value onto the house, and she has also stopped me from making expensive mistakes so I have easily covered her fees several times over. I am thrilled with the result and would recommend Lindi Reynolds Interiors to anyone looking for a wow factor for their home.”

Our input has meant that our client’s investment has worked very hard for them. We are thrilled with the fact that we have achieved a lot of BANG for their buck!

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